For Students

Who can apply

  • CEO’s purpose is to provide financial support to students who qualify for studies at an institution for higher education, but are financially incapable of supporting these endeavours themselves.
  • Any student can apply irrespective of gender, race, class, religion, or cultural considerations.
  • Current or prospective full-time students, working towards their first undergraduate degree (or diploma) at a specific institution will be considered for the bursary.
  • Students must be able to prove their potential through their academic performance and results.
  • The student must take residence in accommodation provided by the Institution.

How to apply

Please fill out the CEO bursary application form. We will then provide you with the necessary documentation, rules & regulations related to your application.

What is covered by the bursary (dependent on the specific needs of the student)

  • Registration fees
  • Class fees
  • Accommodation costs
  • Meal allowance
  • Study material and/or textbook allowance
  • Emotional support when required
Bursary Application Form 2018


Please note: It shall remain the sole discretion of CEO’s directors to accept or reject any student or prospective applicants. All  applications  will  be  dependent  on  a  selection  process  subject  to  the rules & regulations document of CEO together with the necessary discretion of the directors of CEO. CEO shall in no way be responsible or liable to communicate their reasons for the non-selection of applicants and shall have no responsibility towards any public institution or authority in respect of its decision and selection criteria. CEO shall not be liable for any damages, loss or liability in respect of the application process and/or the rules and regulations towards applicants and/or students.